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To provide support for all subsea related activities and provide real world cost reduction options for the industry as a whole, whilst maintaining a robust and realistic dedication to Safety and the Environment/Ocean.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - 20th September 2019

Subsea Consultants is delighted to announce that Luke Ansell has been contracted by the Nekton Deep Ocean Exploration foundation to act as the Head of Marine Operations for Mission II.


The Indian Ocean Mission is a major global scientific collaboration that aims to create a step-change in our knowledge of the Indian Ocean and catalyse its sustainable governance.

Mission II consists of six research cruises in six distinct bioregions of the Indian Ocean from West (Mozambique Channel and Seychelles) to Central (Mauritius and Maldives) and East (Andaman and Sumatra). The Mission combines four major activities – scientific research, capacity development, advancement of policy and public engagement to deliver the greatest coordinated impact. The Mission will conclude with a State of the Indian Ocean Summit in November 2021.

The Mission has been endorsed by International Indian Ocean Expedition 2 (IIOE-2), part of UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (UNESCO-IOC).


“Planning and adaptability is the key to successful campaigns.”

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