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What IMCA Say…

In the early 1980s, in order to give some guidance to the offshore industry, IMCA’s predecessor the Association of Offshore Diving Contractors (AODC) started to produce a number of reference documents, standards and guidance notes. This process continued through the 1980s. It was clear, however, that there was still considerable confusion with some diving systems being”audited” several times a year by different clients, each of whose representatives had slightly different interpretations as to what was required.

AODC published document reference AODC 052 – ‘Diving Equipment Systems Inspection Guidance Note (DESIGN)’ – in February 1989 that sought to clarify any interpretations necessary and to identify a common standard that could be applied by all parties during an inspection. It was intended for use offshore in the UK sector of the North Sea but in the absence of other guidance it became a standard reference in many parts of the world, particularly where there were no specific national regulations.

Subsequently AODC expanded and revised the document which was re-issued as Rev. 1 in February 1995. This more comprehensive document covered both air and saturation diving systems. It was still based on the requirements of the UK sector of the North Sea but was adopted by many clients and diving contractors world-wide. Some users, however, found it to be complex and difficult to use.

With the increasingly international nature of the offshore diving industry, IMCA revised AODC 052 Rev. 1 in order to simplify it, clarify any anomalies which had shown up and adapt it for international use, rather than restrict it to North Sea use. It was also decided to split it into separate documents, one for surface diving (IMCA D 023 published 2000) and the other for saturation diving (IMCA D 024 published 2001). Subsequently documents were issued in 2006 for surface supplied mixed gas diving (IMCA D 037) and mobile/portable surface supplied diving (IMCA D 040).

IMCA D 024 for saturation/bell diving systems was updated and issued as Rev. 1 in 2013. A further update is due early in 2014.

What We Say…


Subsea Consultants support clients with their commitment to diving safety by supplying equipment inspections from realistic and experienced dive system experts.

Safety for subsea operations is critical, none more so that the safety of divers when entering the water to perform task for your project. Therefore, subsea consultants also examine the diving systems as well as operation standards protecting the project, the offshore personnel, you as the client and also the contractor.


We make sure that your contractor meets both your requirements and those that are stated within the geographical area of the campaign. Each audit is carried out in line with the IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association) DO23 standard.


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