Whatever stage within the project life cycle Subsea Consultants can provide Tier 1/Developers with technical diving support on exactly how to achieve your goal both in terms of the technical solution, how to do it in step by step instructions, what equipment/techniques to use including their limitations and most importantly how to do it safety. 



The most critical part of the project lifecycle is to ensure that your contractors procedures suit:

  • How each scope fits within the overall project panning

  • Interfaces between the sub-contractors supply chain and you then client

  • Meets local and industry guidance

  • Creates a safe environment for personnel, the environment and your assets

  • Ensures that your legal or legislative requirements as the client are met

Subsea Consultants will provide a structured review process that documents each iteration and makes sure that your project runs safely.

IMCA Do23 Audits

Company assurance & technical audits

Subsea Consultants support clients and their commitment to diving safety by supplying IMCA DO23 equipment inspections from realistic and experienced dive system experts.

Safety for subsea operations is critical and none more so that the safety of divers when entering the water to perform tasks for your project. Therefore, subsea consultants also examine the diving systems as well as operation standards protecting the project, the offshore staff, you as the client and also the contractor.

Diving procurement & tender support image

Diving PROCUREMENT & TENder support

Early Engagement of Subsea Consultants during the tender planning stage will ensure that each response can be evaluated fairly.

To control the cost of procurement and to ensure that the tender process results in the suitable commercial and technical mechanism to perform your scope of work the creation of the ITT is critical. 

Each response will have its own positives and negatives commercially and technically, which can be broken down and evaluated in isolation resulting in the best commercial and technical contractor for the project and work towards avoiding variations or unnecessary delays during the execution phase.