Vessel selection

During the tender response phase of the project all of the variables need to be considered before chartering or proposing a vessel against any scope of work. Once those variables have been understood any vessels that suit and are available can be sourced.

BIMCO charter parties

The BIMCO charter is critical to the project. The duration including options need to suit the project and any contingencies such as weather and/or client delays. Overestimated or worse underestimated durations can have serious commercial effect on the project. 


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Seafastening design & calculations

Part of any mobilisation should include the evaluation of the project design engineering. Once the deck plan suits the project, calculations need to be done to ensure that the sea-fastening of deck the equipment is safe, and the stability of the vessel has not been affected.

Deck planning

Mobilisations are expensive undertakings and more often than not on a fixed price. All mistakes relating to how the deck equipment come together are best to be made during the design phase rather than when the vessel is on hire. This coupled with the engagement of all the stakeholders during the pre-engineering phase goes a long way to reducing costs.


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mobilisation planning

Planning the delivery and load out of any marine mobilisations is critical to control costs. A controlled dialogue with the supply chain,  agents, welders, client auditors and port services  early on in the planning phase makes the mobilisation as efficient as possible therefore reducing costs.

Physical Mobilsations.jpg

physical mobilisations

Having experienced Subsea Consultants who have been involved in the planning phase on site to manage the physical mobilisation of the vessel safeguards against any avoidable dealys. 

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