Project Management

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DETAILED project planning

The very first stage of any project is a comprehensive plan detailing every stage of the scope of work to be performed. Resource, location or date clashes with other projects within the field are easily identified early on and appropriate adjustments can made to ensure the overall activities and campaign are as efficient as possible.


Real time monitoring of the projects performance is critical from a commercial and operations point of view. Milestones within the contract are easily identified in real time and any shortfalls can be identified early on.

Subsea Consultants Stakeholder Management

stakeholder ENGAGEMENT

For larger developers with multiple sites or campaigns with more than one subcontractor competing for custody within the same field, the considered controlled and documented engagement of internal and external stakeholders is critical to avoid project delays. 

Subsea Consultants communication control


An equally critical part of project control is clearly defined roles and responsibilities, clearly defined communication plans and overarching bridging documents to make the project safer and less vulnerable to avoidable delays resulting in a lower overall project cost.